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Enjoy resting on your 100% natural buckwheat travel pillow. The comfortable buckwheat filling contours to your sleep style. Encased in 100% designer, preshunk organic fabric. Each travel pillow ships with a sturdy removable Think Tank® Red Whip™ that keeps your pillow safe and secure while you travel.

Why Buckwheat?

Buckwheat conforms to your body and provides comfortable support for sleeping, traveling (for those aching backs!), adjustments for wheelchair patients, and exercise — roll it up in your yoga mat and take it along! Buckwheat is breathable and the hulls will last for years. Your pillow content can be perfectly adjusted by removing or adding hulls with the convenient zipper.

Content & Dimensions

10 x 16 inches, 1-½ pounds. 100% natural buckwheat, pesticide-free and both the inner case and outer case are made with 100% organic cotton fabric. Handmade in California exclusively for Skyline Store LLC.


T2pillows was created in 2008 for customers who discovered buckwheat pillows helped support their backs and aided their sleep. The pillows are designed and produced by seamstresses in California.


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